Vehicle Engineering

Avtomotive Consulting GmbH is a centre of excellence for vehicle engineering design, test and development.

Our experienced engineers have significant experience of working with automotive customers from all over the world on a wide range of programmes and projects including:

  • Whole vehicle development programmes
  • BIW design for crashworthiness, durability and NVH
  • Safety integration programmes for EuroNCAP rating enhancement
  • Chassis engineering design and development
  • Thermal management design and development
  • Ride, handling and NVH programmes
  • Specification, design and development of commercial braking systems

Our knowledge base covers passenger cars through to heavy commercial vehicles and takes into account the requirements of differing vehicle usage profiles and manufacturing capabilities, enabling us to work closely with customers to optimise the design and manufacturing cost.

Avtomotive Consulting GmbH can run projects in the space from styling and concept right through to development and delivery to production and beyond as well as bespoke consultancy and engineering problem solving projects.

Avtomotive Consulting GmbH’s has the unique advantage of having the engineering expertise, the CAE tools and the physical test and validation facilities in one location offering a complete solution to our customer’s requirements. Backed by our research programmes our engineers remain at the forefront of up and coming technologies that lead to new services and techniques development that are applied on customer programmes to save time, money or to support technology transfer.